Buy Uploaded Premium via account credit

File hosting services are what you need to solve your problems which are related to files and folders. So this is the reason for you to need Uploaded Premium. Uploaded Premium has fully good features to help you to have more time to relax or do what you like.

Buy Uploaded Premium via account credit

So how can I buy Uploaded Premium account?

One of the ways that you should consider to choose is using reseller services such as Takevoucher. Takevoucher is one of the most reliable reseller services and if you want to buy Uploaded Premium account as safe as you can, you should try using Takevoucher for the best experiences.

You can make payment through your account credit (also known as the account balance).

Now we will tell you the way to do: When you place your Uploaded order, you must select the options account credit to apply your account credit (account balance) to your cart amount. Then click checkout, if your credit is lower cart amount, you have to pay the rest on a Total amount.

How can I get account credit (account balance)? You must pay for which thing you want. If you want to have $100 on your credit, you must pay for that $100.

This is the information that I get on the Takevoucher homepage. I think that this information is really necessary for you. So I think that you will enjoy this when you want to buy Uploaded.

I am quite sure that you will have many positive feeling when you use Takevoucher and Uploaded Premium Key because both of them are necessary for your work. They are both having the best customer services that help you to answer your question about Uploaded Premium as well as other file hosting services.

Have a nice day with Uploaded Premium!

Have charge an Uploaded Premium account but not receive the order

After you place your Uploaded Premium order, you started to charge them. But the problem happens here. You have charged but there is not an order be sent to you.

In this case, we have 4 situations that can happen to you.

  1. Your Uploaded Premium order is not passed our fraud system.

It is due to your billing information including your address, your country, your phone number,….. parts in them do not match. You must fill your true billing information to ensure the payment process.

Have charge an Uploaded Premium account but not receive the order


  1. Your Uploaded Premium order is declined payment gateway.

Like above, but this case. All of your information is not match. The payment gateway will respond to us that your order was declined and canceled.

  1. The payment is time out.

Your payment cannot be reached the processing time of payment gateway. If you don’t submit your payment information within 5 minutes, then your payment will be a timeout after 5 minutes.

  1. Your email service has some problems.

Normally, this problem may be by yahoo mail or Hotmail. Our email will delivery to your email, but some unknown reason, it can be in Junk or Spam box.
To prevent this, please follow our instruction:

  1. Go to your email filter, you must check and make sure there is no filter for our email: noreply@takevoucher.com or service@takevoucher.com.
  2. Please add our email to your contact to prevent email service filter.

This is able to be applied to not only Uploaded Premium but also other file hosting services. Takevoucher is always one of the most reliable reseller services that you can choose them to help you to buy a premium account such as Uploaded Premium account. We always try to improve our customer service to please you.

Have a nice day and happy New Year!

Uploaded Premium order verification

When you connect Takevoucher and buy an account from them such as Uploaded Premium account, you need to finish the order verification. You can think that it is really inconvenient and you do not want to do this, but it is totally necessary.

Now, we can tell you about the Uploaded Premium order verification.

Although I know it is very annoying, but I have to say that this is an important step. Due to your order information need to be matched between your billing information and your payment information. We use this order verification for the security reason. We need to prove that you are really the owner of the card that its information you provide us is real.

Uploaded Premium order verification

If you do not reply the verification for your Uploaded Premium order within 24 hours, we will cancel your order.

Information that we need from you, we hope we can have great cooperation with you.

  • Your card statement must have the order’s transaction OR your card, it must show the last 4 digits (another, you can hide them).

  • Your ID card OR your passport.

We hope you understand, what we do and we will keep your information is safe and private. Your information will be kept 6 months when your transaction is created then it will be removed!

If there is some problem with your information because we are responsible for the law.

All information, please send them to service@takevoucher.com with the title included your order id.

File hosting services and particularly Uploaded Premium is very convenient so I think that you should spend a little time to finish all the steps to make sure that the process can be done flexibly.

I hope that you will enjoy the time using file hosting services as well as Uploaded Premium Key after you finish the order.

Uploaded Premium account is banned

Hello everyone! I came back! After reading my posts about how to use Uploaded Premium such as how to pay Uploaded Premium via PayPal, you are surely aware of this file hosting service. And a lot of other problems happen when you buy an Uploaded Premium via Takevoucher which is a reseller service. One of them is that your account is banned and you do not know the reason why.

Then you wonder if Takevoucher could take your Uploaded Premium account back.

So this post will give you the answer is that…

No. We can’t. Unfortunately, after you buy the account, it only belongs to you unless you give it to other people. We do not have the right to have any effect on your account. So it is your duty to keep your Uploaded Premium account safe.

Uploaded Premium account is banned

We are a reseller service as well as an intercessor, so we can’t solve other problems that are not related to the buying process. It also means that we can give you an exact reason in this case. The most effective way you can follow at this time is to contact the file hosting service to have the answer.

On the other hand, we can provide you some information that you should know to protect your Uploaded Premium account from being banned.

  1. Do not download more files at the same time. That can be called LEECHER.

If you download too many files at the same time, the security system can realize you as a user that is trying to spam. So you should spend a little time to wait for the downloading instead of trying to “spam” and being banned.

  1. Do not share your account with anyone else.

Anyone. Yes, you must not share your Uploaded Premium account to anyone else. This rule is built for all of the accounts on the social networks so we do not have to mention its consequence again.

  1. Use a strong password and put it in a safe place.

This makes your account stronger and reduces the rate for anyone to take your Uploaded Premium account.

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