Uploaded Uploaded Premium Key

If you read the post about buying Uploaded Premium via PayPal, I am quite sure that you have wanted to know more about it. This is also the reason I write this post. And the topic of today is How to manage your Uploaded Premium Key order.

The first step is still to place an order. We have told you how to do this in the last post. So I will not mention it again.

After you complete your Uploaded Premium Key order, you can move to the next step.

Here we have 4 things to tell you.

  1. Your order history

Whenever you place an order such as Uploaded Premium Key order, the information of it will be saved to be checked out later. For this reason, you can fully manage all of your order.

Uploaded Uploaded Premium Key

  1. You can re-make the payment

Sometimes, it may have some mistakes while it is working, so this can lead to the failure. In this case, Takevoucher can help you to pay it one more time. Takevoucher is built to make sure that you paying process can work flexibly, in order to help you to avoid wasting any money.

  1. You can re-order by pressing the blue button (the re-order button)

In case you want to order one more premium key such as Uploaded Premium Key, you do not need to go back to the homepage and do the same steps as before. We have another way instead, re-order. This re-order button helps you to order the next premium key more easily.

  1. You can request a refund by pressing the red button (the return button)

If the premium key you have bought is not suitable for your demand, it is your right to request a refund. Super easy and simple for sure and you can continue to find the more suitable premium key if you want.


Place Uploaded Premium order without account

Good evening my friends! How are you today? This time I write about Uploaded Premium a lot because I want you to know about it in the most specific way. Same as today, this post I write for the person who does not have the Takevoucher account. We often call them “the guests”.

So, how it comes when a guest places his order on Takevoucher Reseller?

When you use Takevoucher, it is not necessary for you to have an account. All you have to do to place an order without registering an account is to provide Takevoucher all of your information as the requirement.

At the checkout page, instead of choosing a registered account, we have another choice for you which is Guest checkout.

Then finish your payment via your email and your credit card or your PayPal account or your bitcoin wallet, etc.

You can see some differences when you place your order as a guest. One of them may be the order management. To manage your order more easily, we provide you the order ID. You need to remember it to be able to look up your order by using tracking page.

Place Uploaded Premium order without account

This mode is built for all of file hosting services, includes Uploaded Premium and Keep2Share Premium. If you want to buy Uploaded Premium but you do not want to spend your time registering an account, just buy it as a guest.

However, I recommend you to register an account to receive more information about bonuses that may help you a lot to save your money. A registered account also can give you a better order management and because of this reason, you can be supported by the customer service from Takevoucher.

In conclusion, I have to say that file hosting service premium plans as well as Uploaded Premium can be easily owned by you even when you do not have an account on the Reseller.

Cancel Uploaded Premium order

Have you ever had any question about the ability to cancel your order such as Uploaded Premium order like “Can I cancel my order which is completed?” or “While I am finishing my order process, can I cancel it?”, here I share with you the answer from Takevoucher.

I am quite sure that you nearly understand totally how Uploaded Premium works, but canceling the order process is not a topic that you may know and it is also very important. You can order a premium plan but then you realized that it is not suitable for you. For example, You buy an Uploaded Premium plan 1 month but then you realized that you need more and you want to cancel your order. Can it work?

If you want to cancel the completed Uploaded Premium order.

  • No, you can’t. We don’t offer the refund for completed order, but if you didn’t use service we can refund your order, but you must be taken a little for processing fee 5% + refund fee 5%. And we must resell or remove your service before we refund your order.

If you want to cancel the processing Uploaded Premium order, we have 2 cases:


  • Yes, you can. But if that order is pending to process, we can refund it and you must request a refund before we process it.
  • Yes, you can. But if that order is processed, same completed order case, please read above.

Note: If you don’t want to pay, please do not pay. Because when you order is completed, we don’t offer full refund except special case was stated in Refund policy.

Cancel Uploaded Premium order

In conclusion, I have to say that you need to consider carefully before you decide to buy any premium plan as well as Uploaded Premium.

I hope you to have a nice day with this file hosting service.


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