Uploaded Premium – pay via PayPal

In the last post, we told you about how to buy Uploaded Premium with a Reseller, particularly Takevoucher. So today the topic is How to pay Uploaded Premium via PayPal.

After placing the order which is the first step and we introduced it in the last post, Takevoucher has an application form to take your information. Your information is sent to the Reseller right after you provide them. Then, you need to select a payment method. You have to pay for it, of course, and 20 percent of the price of the plan is required. As you press the checkout button, it also means that you placed the order successfully.

The second step is to check your order one more time or wait for a message sent to your email to finish the process. If you can’t find the message, don’t forget the SPAM box.

Uploaded Premium - pay via PayPal

Finally, you need to pay for the order. If there is an error, refresh the page is recommended.

The original content that I saw on Takevoucher site:

Very easy, after adding your product to cart and going to the checkout page. Then:

  1. Fill your information
  2. Select PayPal payment methods (there is a service fee, it is 20%)
  3. Place your order by clicking checkout button
  4. Check out your order OR open your *E-MAIL and wait for your payment link! (Please do not skip SPAM / JUNK box)
  5. Pay for your order.

NOTE: The error when you made your payment! Please reload the PayPal page if you meet it.

You can buy Uploaded Premium by following these above steps.

As you can see, file hosting services, particularly Uploaded premium is what you need for your work. You can have a lot of good experiences while working.

Have a nice day and enjoy the time using this file hosting service.

Buy Uploaded Premium using Reseller

After some posts about Uploaded Premium, I am quite sure that you can fully understand how it works. And in this post, I will tell you another way to buy Uploaded Premium: using Reseller to buy Uploaded Premium.

As you all know, a Reseller is what you can choose if you need a professional and secure way to buy your premium account. Reseller can provide you the best service than ever. Accessing a Reseller, you can see a lot of file hosting services. All of these contain fully premium plans. Using a Reseller, you do not have to concern about the customer service. There is always a one to answer all of your questions about file hosting services as well as Uploaded Premium.

Buy Uploaded Premium using Reseller

As you buy Uploaded Premium, verification form is sent to the email you provide them then all you have to do is to wait and log in Uploaded.net.

One of the most reliable Resellers that I recommend you to use is Takevoucher. With a large number of file hosting services, I am quite sure that you can have many good experiences with this kind of file management.

So, using Takevoucher, how can we place the order?

I see this content on the site of Takevoucher, it proves that this Reseller is having much information for people who are new to this.

Just follow our instructions, you will do it as well, we believe it.

  1. Choose product name, you want to buy. (Example: You want to buy Uploaded PayPal, Just go to Uploaded page)
  2. Then choose your product time frame, you are interested in. (Example: 30 days, 60 days …)
  3. Press the button “Buy Now” to check out your product.

After checking out your product, your product will send to your email and your SMS, if you add your phone number to your order and Uploaded Premium is yours.

And, just follow their notification, because you can be provided many bonuses for them.

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