How to use Nitroflare cookie?

If you are a businessman, a teacher or whoever, you almost need to work with files. Uploading, downloading and sharing files with other people is one of the things we do usually. That’s why Nitroflare reseller appeared.

Let’s get started: How to use Nitroflare cookie?

When I was on a forum I used to post premium accounts on many sites including Nitroflare Reseller.  For Nitroflare I usually Post Cookies not Email: Pass. Many users asked me that “How to use Nitroflare cookie?”. By this means, here I am posting this thread for all in which brief and sufficient guide with pictures are shown to help you understand in a better way.

Forgetting login in Nitroflare Premium account, you are required to have a premium cookie and an add-on in the browser. To inject cookie we need cookie manager. Cookie Manager+ if you use Firefox and Cookie Manager if you use Google Chrome. But now I will explain to you how to use Nitroflare cookie via Firefox Cookie Manager+.

How to use Nitroflare cookie?

STEP 1: Open the site Nitroflare Reseller. You may have to wait some minutes. After the page fully loaded, open the Cookie Manager+ from navigation panel “Tools”. You’ll see a list.

STEP 2: Now Select all the options and click on “ADD“. The following window will appear and require you to provide Name, Content, Host, and Path.

STEP 3 :

Now Enter as shown below :

  • CONTENT=“cookie you want”
  • HOST=“nitroflare.com or www.nitroflare.com”
  • PATH=” /”

STEP 4: All you have to do after doing 3 steps above is saving it and closing. Reload the tab and all done, you’ll successfully log in.

Here I share how to use Nitroflare cookie. I hope you to enjoy this way and have happy time using Nitroflare reseller.

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