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How to place order by Paypal ? !

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Order by Guest

We support order by guest feature. To get your order but you dont want to register your account. Here is how: Place your order. When you submit your order, please do not stick on the checkbox “Create an account”. Then submit your order. Note: Do not stick on the checkbox “Create an account”.

Cancel Order

If you want to cancel the completed order. Yes, you can. But we dont offer refund for completed order. If you want to cancel the processing order, we have 2 cases: Yes, you can. But if that order is pending to process, we can refund it and you must request refund before we process it. Yes, you can. But if that order is processed, sam completed…

You have been charged but you dont recieve your order?

In this case, we have can seperate to 3 sections: Your order is not passed our fraud system. It is due to your billing information included your address, your country, your phone number,….. parts in them are not match. You must fill your true biling information. Your order is declined by payment gateway. Like above, but this case. All of your informations are not match.…

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